M1 Adapters and Cables

M1 connector adapters and cables.

Please note that the M1 connector looks similar to a DVI connector, but the M1 connector is a little wider since it includes more pins. The M1 female connector is usually found on some projectors that attempted to utilize one M1 connector instead of a DVI, VGA and/or HDMI connector.

The M1 connector adapter is included in various projectors, such as:
  • ASK Proxima: C110, C160, C170, C180, C410, C420, C440, C450, C460, M1, M2+
  • Dell: 3300MP, 4100MP
  • Hitachi: CP-X1250W
  • InFocus: LP120, LP540, LP600, LP640, LP70+, LP820, LP840, LP850, LP860, X2, LP70, 5000, 4805, 7210, 7205, 5700, 777
  • Toshiba: TLP-X4500U
  • ViewSonic: 1172

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