Comparisons of S-Video, Composite Video and RCA to Composite Adapters

RCA to S-Video Comparisons
The purpose of this page is to illustrate the performance of the "RCA to S-Video" adapter.

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Comparisons are:

Upper Left Quadrant: RCA to RCA - Composite Video output from DVD to Composite Video input of video capture card.

Upper Right Quadrant: S-Video to S-Video - S-Video out of DVD to S-Video input of video capture card.

Lower Left Quadrant: Typical "Composite to S-Video" adapters from other companies and electronic stores. Composite Video out of DVD to their "RCA to S-Video" and then to S-Video input of video capture card. You'll notice a criss-cross pattern over the reds (and skin tones) with other "Composite to S-Video" adapters (bottom left quadrant). This criss-cross pattern is sometimes seen as "grainy".

Lower Right Quadrant: Our "RCA to S-Video" convertor - RCA output of DVD to our "RCA to S-Video" converter. it significantly reduces the criss-cross patterns. In fact, you'll probably not notice them unless you magnify the image 200%.

Once you click on the picture to see the original size jpeg you'll notice that there's practically no difference between the "RCA-to-RCA" and the "S-Video to S-Video" (upper quadrants).

No passive or active "RCA-to-S-Video" adapter will completely eliminate the criss-cross patterns, but we feel that you'll be satisfied with the price/performance of our adapter. Do not consider cheap imitations or other adapters with those spooky prices. If you're a "purist" or a hardcore videophile and know better than to mess with video formats stick to plugging and unplugging your S-Video cable from your receiver - that way you'll let in the composite video from your VCR.

RCA to S-Video