Composite Video to/from S-Video Adapter with Audio Interconnection cables.

RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio
RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio
Item# 3RCA-SVID-3ft

Stereo Audio with Composite Video to S-Video converter, 3 ft.

This solution allows you to interconnect your Stereo Audio and Composite Video to/from S-Video equipment all in a single, tangle free cabling solution.

The Audio/Video interconnect cables are made in Japan to exacting specifications and our coupled to our female RCA to Male S-Video converter.


- Gold Plated Composite to S-Video converter. Bi-directional - connects to yellow RCA video connector.

- Dielectric for better performance.

- Gold plated RCA connectors.

- Super flexible triple coax joined together resulting in a "flat" cable appearance.

- Multi-strand OFC copper conductor.

- Color coded audio and video connectors.

- Very light and portable. Easily fits in your laptop's bag.

- Molded in Japan - guaranteed to be "zero-defect"

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RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio 6 ft.
RCA to S-Video and Stereo Audio 6 ft. 3RCA-SVID-6
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