Male RCA to Female S-Video Converter

RCA to S-Video - MF - male RCA to female S-Video

Composite Video to S-Video convertor features a male RCA plug on one end and a female S-Video jack on the other end.

This adapter allows you to connect the male RCA plug to your VCR and then just connect a male S-Video cable to the female S-Video jack of the adapter. Try our ORIGINAL S-Video Cables for optimum performance.

The advantages of this adapter over other Composite to S-Video adapters is that it only requires one coupling since the male RCA plug can be connected directly to the yellow video input of your VCR.


RCA to S-Video
Regular price: $15.95
Sale price: $6.95
RCA to S-Video - MF - male RCA to female S-Video RCA-SVIDEO-MF
RCA to S-Video - FF - female RCA to female S-Video RCA-SVIDEO-FF-1
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