SC12CASE Microscope Case - Discontinued

SC12CASE Microscope Case - Discontinued
Item# SC12CASE
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Ken-A-Vision is no longer in business and this part has been discontinued.

SC12CASE Microscope Case for the "Comprehensive Scope 2" series excluding the Comparison Scope 2. The case is an excellent way to store and transport your microscope

  • The case has dye cut foam
  • Molded plastic with aluminum frame
  • Locking latch with two keys
  • Folding carry handle
  • Exterior Dimensions: 17" x 14.4" x 8.7"

  • This case is suitable for the following microscopes:
  • T-19011C and T-19011C-230
  • T-19012C and T-19012C-230
  • T-19021C and T-19021C-230
  • T-19031C and T-19031C-230
  • TU-19542C and TU-19542CP
  • TU-19543C
  • TU-19544C and TU-19544CP
  • TU-19642C and TU-19642CP
  • TU-19644C