Audio 8 Port Matrix Hub

Audio 8 Port Matrix Hub
Item# SDS899

Audio 8 Port Matrix Hub
The SDS899 is an Audio 8 port Matrix Hub.

The SDS899 is a passive, rack-mount Audio Matrix Hub that has 8 inputs and 4 outputs for both analog and digital audio applications. It features a total of 16 slide switches, each pair of which controls an audio input on the UTP Cable. The individual slide switches are used to select the 8 input signals for a pair on UTP cable. The picture above shows the side with the 16 slide switches and the four RJ45 EtherCon connectors for the UTP. On the other side are the 8 XLR female connectors.

The SDS899 is used in conjunction with the PA202P and the SDS898 Splitter Panel, which is a "1-in and 12-out" design.

The SDS899 is compatible with the use of Cat5 UTP cable runs up to 1,000 feet.

The SDS899 is also compatible with Clear-Com users.

  • Has 8 XLR Female connectors for input and 4 RJ45 EtherCon connectors for output via UTP
  • Can be used for both digital and analog audio signals
  • Individual slide switch to select the 8 input signals for a pair on UTP cable.
  • Passive unit - no power source required
  • Supports phantom power
  • Connectors are high quality Neutrik brand
  • Rack mounts in a standard 19" 2U rack space
  • Rugged metal chassis
  • 100% Made in USA
  • 100% tested