Square Store and Payments

Square - Pay us with Square
Square is a secure payment method that allows you to pay us by email or by using the "Pay with Square" App on your mobile phone. It is similar to PayPal in that you do not have to give us your credit card information.

You simply sign up with Square and link a credit card to your Square account.

When you place an order with us at svideo.com and select Square Payment as the payment method we will send you an invoice via email so you can make the payment.

The QR Code takes you to our "svideo-dot-com.square.site" at the Square Store or follow the link below:
Order at Square Store

Not all of our products at svideo.com have been added to our Square Store but you can still order them here and pay us with your Square account by selecting "Square Payment" as the payment method under the credit card section of the Order form and we will send you an invoice so you can pay us with square.