UTP Surge Protector for Video Over UTP Equipment

UTP Surge Protector
UTP line surges can result from faulty or poorly designed grounding systems, or because equipment is connected to different power feeds. Nearby lightning events can also induce surges on the UTP lines especially in equipment that's located outdoors. Standard LAN type surge arrestors do not protect UTP video equipment; the clamping voltages are much too high and do not prevent surges from causing damage. Many LAN protectors have asymmetrical clamping voltage levels and cause distortion of the of the video signals, reducing noise immunity and resulting in periodic loss of sync signals. The UTP line protector is designed specifically to work with UTP video equipment. It provides excellent and robust protection without compromising video performance or image quality.

UPS Line Protectors are available with either 110 style punch contacts or with RJ-45 connectors. The enclosures can be daisy-chained and ground is carried from unit to unit without the need for external wiring.

You should consider one unit at the transmitter and one at the receiver.

Ordering Information:
- 829-0421-01 with RJ45 Input/Output
- 829-0428-01 with 110 Punch

UTP Surge Protector with RJ45 jacks
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UTP Surge Protector with RJ45 jacks 829-0421-01
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