S-Video to 2 BNC with Male BNC connectors. Made in the USA.

S-Video Male to 2 BNC Male Cable
S-Video Male to 2 BNC Male Cable

Exclusive "S-Video to TWO BNC" Y/C breakout cable harness is available with male S-Video and two (2) Male BNC connectors.

The picture illustrates the two male BNC connectors - we consider the "twist-on" connector as the "male".

Please note that the picture above shows a yellow-boot on the BNC connectors; the actual cable you receive may have different color boots, but we add color-coding with different color electrical tape for reference purposes.

It is available in 6 inches, 18 inches, 3 feet and 6 ft. for the same price. This Y/C breakout cable is made in the USA with our dual 75 ohm super flexible cable and 75 ohm BNC connectors.

The advantage of this Y/C breakout cable is that it maintains the 75 ohm impedance and minimizes the signal insertion loss that occurs with other breakout adapters that require couplings. Cheaper versions do not use 75 ohm cables or 75 ohm BNC connectors.

Please select the length before you order, 6 inches is the default length.

This cable is also available in 30 ft. length.

Availability: ships same day.


S-Video Male to 2 BNC Male 30 ft.
S-Video Male to 2 BNC Male 30 ft. SV-2MBNC-30
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