Send S-Video and Hi-Fi Stereo Audio Over Cat5e/6

S-Video and Stereo Audio Transceiver
S-Video and Stereo Audio Transceiver
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Use a single Category 5, or Cat 6 cable to send S-Video & Stereo Audio up to 1000 feet.

Click here for a PDF diagram of "Point-to-Point" connection using the 500017 and 500038.

Click here for PDF diagram of S-Video distribution.

Our S-Video/Audio Transceiver #500017 allows one S-Video channel and two audio channels to be connected via Cat 5 cable. Used in pairs, the S-Video/Audio Balun is used in home or commercial applications as a smart, fast and cost-effective means of connecting S-Video equipment using twisted pair Cat 5 instead of coax cable.

The S-Video/Audio Transceiver (also known as a Balun) may also be used in conjunction with the Audio/Video Hub for video distribution to multiple monitors. Ideal for video-conferencing, audio-video distribution, S-Video and other dual audio-video systems.

Features & Benefits:
- Send S-Video and Stereo Audio up to 1000 feet in color via Cat 5 twisted pair
- One (1) 4-Pin Mini DIN connector for video
- Two (2) RCA connectors for audio; RJ45 for twisted pair
- One Pair of short stereo audio cables ships with this product. If you need to connect to the headphone jack of a laptop, consider our 3.5mm to 2 RCA adapter below.
- Built-in S-Video cable lead for ease of installation. This product uses the four pairs in a CAT5 cable.

Product # 500017 supports EIA 568A or 568B wiring as long as it is the same on both ends. That is, the wiring must be straight-through: Pair 1: pins 1&2; Pair 2: pins 7&8; Pair 3: pins 3&6; Pair 4: pins 4&5.

If you need to connect to a laptop with a 3.5mm headphone jack, consider the 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable below.

This product code is #500017, 500,017, (500017) and "500017"

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