S-Video Male to Two RCA Male Breakout cable

S-Video Male to 2 RCA Male Breakout cable
S-Video Male to 2 RCA Male Breakout cable

The video below is of our molded version of the S-Video Male to Two Male RCA Male Breakout Cable.

Male S-Video to TWO Male RCA plugs - available in 1, 3, 6, and 12 ft. Made in the USA.

This adapter is also used with the TVGuardian to connect the TVGuardian using the S-Video interconnections.

This cable harness was designed to allow you to break out the Y/C s-video signals to two RCA plugs on a high quality, super-flexible dual 75 ohm cable. Our cable is the choice of the professional video and medical imaging industries.

It features a molded S-Video plug (standard 4-pin mini DIN) connector on one end and two gold-plated plugs on the other end. Unlike other Y/C separators made overseas, our cable has dual 75 ohm super-flexible cables designed for optimum video signal transmission and it is tested 100% for a zero-failure record.

This cable harness provides you the solution to allow you to go from S-Video to 2 RCA plugs so that you can connect to the RCA video jacks of the Baluns # 500003 or # 500012 - that way you can send s-video via CAT5.

This adapter features a male 4-pin mini DIN S-Video connector plug to two male RCA plugs. The two RCA plugs carry the separate Y & C signals. Click here for the technical specifications.

The picture shows the S-Video plug going to TWO gold plated RCA plugs.

If you want a longer connection than our cable pictured here you can also purchase our S-Video Cables and/or our cable harness with a Female S-Video connector, click on "Female S-Video to Two RCA Plugs" below.

NOTE: This cable only carries the separate brightness and color video signals to two male RCA connectors.

Please select the length you want before ordering; 1 foot is the default length. Made in the USA.