S-Video Cable, Economy, 10 ft.

S-Video Cable Economy 10 ft
S-Video Cable Economy 10 ft
Item# S-Video-E-10

S-Video Cable 10 ft.

This S-Video cable assembly features a single black PVC jacket around two separate coaxial cables. The coaxial cables are colored white and yellow. The coaxial cables are held together by a nylon braid. The inner conductor consist of 7 spiraled and tinned wires that result in a 28 AWG guage. The 7-wires are surrounded by a plastic insulator. The plastic insulation is covered by braided and tinned wires that serve as the inner conductor's corresponding ground. The braided wires serve as a shield and also give the cable it's flexibility; though it's not as flexible as our Dual-75 ohm original s-video cables. This cable assembly in not CL2 rated but is UL approved.

This cable has male 4-pin mini DIN connectors for s-video on each end.

Do not be baffled by retail clerks pushing s-video cables with "Oxygen Free Copper" (OFC), silver tipped conductors, fancy packaging, scary prices, etc., etc.

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