Male S-Video to 2 Female "F" Connectors.

S-Video to 2 "F" - male to female
Item# SV-2F

Ok, so you've got RG6 or RG59 cable and want to use it to run S-Video with them...the solution is our "S-Video to 2 F" adapter that's about 6 inches long.

It features a male S-Video 4-pin mini DIN connector on one end and 2 female "F" connectors.

If you want to use RG6 or RG59 with BNC connectors, then use our "S-Video to 2 BNC" adapter.

The signal is not going to be as good as our original S-Video cables due to the couplings, difference in wire guage, and insulation, but there you have it.

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