S-Video Male to RCA Male Cable
S-Video Male to RCA Male Cable

S-Video to Composite Video Cable to connect to an HDTV.

How do you connect your S-Video sources to an HDTV?

The easiest connection is with our S-Video to Composite Video cable. New HDTVs do not have an S-Video connector and do not have a separate yellow RCA connector for composite video. The yellow composite video shares the connection with the green component video input connector. Component video is on green, blue and red connectors; the green connector can be used for Composite video. After you make the connection with our S-Video to Composite Video cable you can use your remote to select "AV input" to get the S-Video signal on your TV.

This cable has a male 4-pin S-Video on one end and a male RCA plug on the other end.

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Beware of imitations that only provide a black and white signal and use bulky cable and mumbo jumbo advertising hype.

We offer 4-pin, 6-pin, 7-pin, and 8-pin S-Video to RCA encoders and converters. Our 4-pin converters also fit both 4-pin and 7-pin jacks of computers. The "pins" are the round holes, the rectangular hole is not counted as a pin.

"S-Video" to "composite video" convertor. The original "S-Video to TV" (aka S-Video to RCA) convertor / adapter is also known as "s-video to composite", "s-video to rca", "Y/C to composite", "SVHS to RCA" and many other names.


This convertor/adapter plugs into the 4-pin or "s-video out" of your video source, such as a laptop, or DVD player (or other s-video source) and into the video-in jack ("RCA" type jack) of your TV. Note: HDTVs use the green connector labelled "component video" for the composite video input; you just need to select AV as the video input using your remote control.

Our adapters offer you the most flexible and lightest solution with our super flexible, miniature coax cable, unlike cheap imitations that have a bulky coaxial cable.

In addition our adapters have an exclusive key that fits both the 7-pin or 4-pin jacks of desktops and laptops and allows you to pass on the color information. Our adapters are also compatible with standard S-Video/SVHS 4-pin mini DIN jacks.

This picture is of Male S-Video to Male RCA adapter that provides you a "straight-shot" interconnection of your equipment, thus minimizing signal loss. - Allows you to use the higher quality S-Video signal to connect to a non-svideo television. Click here to see comparisons.

- Connect the S-Video/TV-out of DVD players, DVD-ROM of desktops, laptops or other s-video equipment to non-svideo televisions that have "RCA" yellow video input.

- Provides better video quality than using composite video cables with RCA plugs.

- Substantially eliminates the dot-crawl that is visible when using composite video cables.

- Save hundreds of dollars since you do not have to buy an s-video television to get excellent video quality on your regular television.

- If you have a TV with S-Video this product allows you to easily connect to the front RCA video jack instead of connecting to the rear S-Video jack; this convenience alone is worth the price.

- Use your laptop with a DVD SVideo-out port as portable DVD player. Our adapter fits both the 7-pin jack and the 4-pin jacks on laptopts since we designed them with a key that fits both.

- Use this adapter with your game console's s-video out to connect to a regular television and get improved video quality.

- One piece solution that eliminates couplings that cause signal loss.

- Overall cost savings since multiple cables are not required.

- NTSC and PAL compatible.

This adapter allows you to keep the color signal with our exclusive design. Beware of cheap, generic imitations that only provide a black and white picture.

For both audio and video consider our exclusive S-Video to 3 RCA and our "Pro S-Video & Audio to 3 RCA" convertors.

What our customers say:. "The reason I selected your product is it is one-piece. No loss of signal from couplings...The simplicity and ease of use of a single cable solution. I want to occasionally use my laptop as a DVD player on my TV and this is the simplest and least expensive solution...I travel a lot for work, and it would be nice to to use my laptop computer's DVD and this cable will connect to all those hotel TV's and allow me to feel somewhat at home while on the road.

Our customer ratings are: Excellent. Comments: "This was my first online shopping experience and it was perfect. Easy to find product, good price, excellent delivery terms and timing. Product is perfect and works like a charm. I would recommend this vendor to everyone."

ADVANTAGES of our "S-Video to TV" (svideo to rca) adapter:

- Allows connectivity of the higher quality svideo signal to a non-svideo television.

- Minimizes the signal loss that occurs when multiple cables are connected.

- Eliminates the possibility of multiple cables getting disconnected.

- UL approved, 75 ohm miniature cable for the most flexible, portable and lightest solution.

- Overall cost savings since multiple cables are not required.

Use this "S-Video to RCA" adapter to connect all your S-Video, Y/C, SVHS, Super VHS, or SVideo devices (such as DVD) to the video input in your TV, LCD projector or video capture card.

NOTE: This adapter was optimized to go FROM S-Video to Composite Video. If you need to go from composite video to S-Video check out RCA to S-Video.

French: Cable adaptateur s-video/composite de sortie de television

German: Gemischtadriges TV-Ausgangsadapterkabel

Italian: Cavo adattatore uscita TV s-video/composito