Partial Compatibility List.

Knowing that the computer industry will never agree on a standard connector for S-video_ or composite video output we have designed our "S-Video_ to RCA" adapters to be cross platform (PC/MAC) and cross-format (NTSC/PAL) compatible.

Your computer may have a graphics card that outputs S-video_ using a 4-pin or 7-pin jack. Our adapters were designed to fit the corresponding 4-pin or 7-pin jack for s-video_/tv out.

The list below is a partial list of computers that our adapters are compatible with.

Our S-Video_ to RCA adapters have been purchased by owners of the following computers, laptops, notebooks and video capture cards:

- Apple PowerBook G3 and G4
- The Brick ThinBrick Plus
- Compaq 1700 Notebook
- Compaq Evo N1000v notebook computer
- Compaq/HP computers with 4 or 7-pin jacks
- Dell Inspirion - All Models
- Dell Latitude - All other models with either a 4-pin or 7-pin jack
- ECS - Desknote Computers
- Eurocom 3100-B
- eVGA
- FOSA 3460T3S-2
- Fujitsu C-6547 and all models with either 4-pin or 7-pin jack
- Fujitsu Siemens Lifebook C series with S-Video out
- Future Tech FutureMate 31XC2
- Future Tech FutureMate 34XLP3
- Hollywood Plus
- IBM ThinkPad i Series
- Keydata KeyNote 8850
- KFC E-3173
- Leadtek
- M-Tech 2001
- Max Alsea K 260M3
- Micro Express NP 8450
- PC Club ENP@B2School
- PC Notebook Cheetah 3 Pro
- PNY Graphics Cards
- SigmaDesigns
- Sony Vaio - all models having 4 or 7-pin jack for s-video
- WinBook Si 533
- WinBook Si 600
- Acer TravelMate 350TF
- ProBook 8400
- ATI Mobility
- ATI Rage Pro
- ARM ARMNote TS30W-5T
- ARM ARMNote TS3100
- CHEM USA ChemBook 3015D
- CHEM USA ChemBook 6120N
- CVT ViewPoint XLS+
- Eurocom 8500-V
- FOSA 8870P3S
- FutureTech FutureMate 31XC2
- FutureTech FutureMate 89XLP3
- HP Pavilion N3390 and all models with 4 or 7 pin jacks.
- KFC E-3173
- Twinhead Slimnote
- GEForce
- VisionTek
- Quantex Laptops
- Tohsiba Laptops with S-Video out, such as the Satellite 1955-S801

and many more...

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