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S Video to RCA
S Video to RCA
Item# RCA - S Video

Exclusive Composite (RCA) to S Video bi-directional adapter that does the conversion in Color, do not accept cheap imitations.

The advantage of this adapter over other adapters is that it allows you to connect the s video plug of this adapter directly into the s video jack of your s video device, such as your s video TV. Other adatpors that have both an s video jack and an rca jack will cause signal loss since you have to create two couplings, one to connect an s video cable and another to connect an rca cable. Another advantage of this convertor is that you do not need to purchase an additional, and more expensive s video cable; just purchase a video cable with RCA plugs, such as our A/V Cables.

This s video to rca adaptor features a male s video plug and a female rca jack. It measures about 1" in length and can be used to connect directly to your S Video TV or other s video devices. You can connect one of our male-to-male RCA patch cables to the rca jack of this adapter to connect it to your VCR or other composite video sources.

This adapter is a critical link if you want to send s video from a composite video source. For instance, input video from your VCR into your Terapin via the s video jack.

If you want to go from S-Video to Composite Video then consider our "S-Video to RCA" adapters or our "S-Video to 3 RCA" adapters that also include the audio cables.

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