Locking 4-Pin mini-DIN Male-to-Female Cable

4-Pin Mini-DIN Male-to-Female Cable with Locking Mechanism
4-Pin Mini-DIN Male-to-Female Cable with Locking Mechanism
Item# 4PLK-MF-XX

4-Pin Mini-DIN Male-to-Female Cable with Locking Mechanism
This cable features a LOCKING 4-pin mini-DIN male connector on one end and a threaded 4-pin mini-DIN female connector on the other end.

The locking mechanism on the male-side has a nut that screws on the female receptacle to create a tight fit, reducing the chances of the cable being disconnected when installed on vehicles or other equipment that tend to vibrate.

The male connector also features a rubber gasket and an "O-ring" to further isolate the signals from water or liquids; we can't say that is a "water-proof" cable, however, when properly connected it certainly reduces the chances of issues related to water or external use.

It is available in 3 meters, 5 meters and 10 meters; select the length you want.

Note: The cable has several wires that are individually insulated and are covered by the outside jacket. This cable is commonly used for video and low-power equipment, such as cameras and monitors, on cars, trains, and planes.

Note: This cable is compatible with Safety Vision Cameras that have a male connector; the male connector is connected to the female-side of this cable and thus you can extend the distance of the connection to the monitor or Mobile Digital Video Recorder (MDVR).

This cable is not compatible with our other locking connectors, since the diameter of the threaded connectors is bigger. It is also not suggested you use it for S-Video applications, since the wires inside the cable are not wired for S-Video.

Designed in Texas, made in the China. Harmonized Code 8544.42.00