TeachCam with illumaBase

TeachCam - Discontinued
TeachCam - Discontinued
Item# 910-171-150
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Ken-A-Vision is no longer in business, however, we may be able to help you with the cables you may need to connect your existing cameras.

The TeachCam (tm) with its own "illumaBase" turns the classroom into a cooperative and interactive learning environment while providing the ultimate quality in video capture.

The TeachCam (N2500T1, N0670T1 or 910-171-150) takes all the capabilities of the StudentCam (N2500S1) and adds higher resolution optics; a 27" Gooseneck; a built-in "illumination base" - the illumaBase; and other accessories, including its own storage box and transparent specimen containers.

The extra long 27" Gooseneck gives you extra height to connect the camera to trinocular microscopes without having to prop the camera on books.

The TeachCam comes with an 8mm interchangeable C-mount lens and the "illumaBase". You can use it alone or attach it to virtually any microscope or telescope with its three adapter eyepieces.

The TEACHCAM's illumaBase is a lighted base that also allows you to use it as a presentation station of 35mm & microscope slides. The illumaBase also provides an excellent lighting environment for viewing small objects.