300 Meters VGA-QXGA CAT5-RJ45 Extender Kit with Local Port

Item# VGA-C5EP2-SP

Product Part Number: VGA-C5EP2-SP
Extends video signal up to 300 meters (984 ft.) using the VGA Extender System and CAT5/RJ45 cable. This extender kit provides equalization and video signal gain adjustment while the local video port allows connection of another monitor near the computer. Supports maximum resolution of 2048x1536 @ 60Hz for up to 50meters, 1280x1024 @ 60Hz for up to 100meters, 1024x768 @ 60Hz for up to 180meters, 800x600 @ 60Hz for up to 200meters, & 640x480 @ 60Hz for up to 300meters. Includes transmitter & receiver, power adaptors and one 3 ft. HD15 M/M cable. Required Cables: Solid CAT5e/6 Cables. (Local Connectors: HD15/RJ45 Females to Remote Connectors: RJ45/HD15 Females)