CCTV Balun - Muxlab VideoEase Screw Terminal Balun

Video Balun for CCTV with screw terminals.

Video Balun with Screw Terminals
Video Balun with Screw Terminals
Item# 500009

See below our video on how to connect this video balun to a Cat5.

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- For the Data sheet in PDF format, click here.
- For the Installation Guide in PDF format, click here. Note, this part is also known as 275867.

The 500009 Video CCTV Balun has "two screw terminals" that allow you use Cat 5 (or better) cable. Up to four of the 500009 screw terminal baluns can be used to send video on a single Cat 5 cable. Using the screw terminals saves you time and money since you do not have to buy special tools to attach RJ45 connectors to Cat 5 cable.

This Video CCTV Balun allows for a baseband composite video signal to be transmitted via a single unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cable for more versatile cabling.

You will need a pair of baluns (one at each end) for each composite video signal transmitted on a CAT 5 - you can transmit four composite video signals, one on each of the four pairs of a single CAT 5.

- Cost Savings
- eliminates coaxial cable
- Less down time
- quicker moves, adds and changes.
- Neater wiring.
- No special RJ45 Crimping Tools required.
- Lifetime Warranty.

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