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Directory of Video Download Sites
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AppleTV. This link is to the Apple TV that can be used as a separate hardware to download videos, blogs, pictures, etc.. "New advertising experiences". Free internet videos! Ok, they are only "free" if you can put up with commercials, just like regular TV! A good, free alternative to Netflix. Though now they got Hulu Plus, just to take your money.

Netflix. Because you do not have a life but still have electricity. Netflix's monthly subscribers have increased at the same rate as the unemployment rate! Want to know the number of unemployed in the USA? Just look up Netflix's subscribers: 24 million. BTW, the stock is trading at 50 times's time to unload it before this bubble bursts. The prior sentence was written in July and as of October 2011 their stock lost 75% of it's value. Netflix should really be referred to DeadFlix because most of its movies are old and most of the actors are dead. Yes, they claim to have a huge selection of movies - that is of movies you would not have watched in the first place! The only thing you need to know about Netflix is that it is not easy to cancel your subscription. Ok, time for a little self promotion. Follow the link to our ever-growing list of on-line product videos - they are FREE.

TED Talks TED = Total Erectile Disfunction. Three words you do not want to hear from your Doctor. Well, not really, it actually stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design, but you will get E.D. if you watch too many 18 minute "talks" by primarily a bunch of white guys, each with their own version of how they are going to save the world. Because you want to know where the tornado hit.

YouTube Mostly amature crap for the Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) Generation. Actually, there is evidence that your brain will get re-wired and you will get ADD by watching countless hours of 1 to 3 minute videos of manure. Note that the most watched videos are videos of kids biting other kids or any videos that might have a bare breast somewhere. Schedule a bio break and flush after you go.

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