RapidRun Multimedia - Discontinued

RapidRun Multimedia - Discontinued
Note: The RapidRun "Multimedia Series" has been discontinued. Please consider the RapidRun Multi-Format Series for analog video and audio and the RapidRun Optical Series for HDMI and DVI-Digital.

RapidRun Multimedia series allowed you to send different analog audio and video signals together inside one cable jacket. The advantage is that you do not need to run separate cables for each signal; they are all joined inside one cable jacket. It is a lot easier and faster to run one cable than multiple cables when you need to send the signal in-wall or through plenum space. The RapidRun Multimedia series uses a male 12-pin connector on the Flying leads and Wall Plates and attaches to the female 12-pin connector on the Multimedia Runner cables.

The Flying Leads and Wall Plates are available in many different combinations of audio and video signals. All you need to do is to select the same type of flying lead or wall plate to attach to each end of the Runner cables.

The "Runner" cables are available from 6 ft. to 100 ft. and are also available in CL2-rated for in-wall installations and CMP-rated for plenum installations.

Select an active flying lead or wall plate when using runner cables longer than 35 feet.