2 Channels VSiCaster for Webcasting

VSiCaster 2X for IPTV Webcasting
VSiCaster 2X for IPTV Webcasting
Item# VSiCaster-2X

Our VSiCaster with 2 channels allows you to broadcast two seperate video feeds. For instance, if you have two video feeds you can send both of them to different IP addresses and your viewers can access them seperately or together.

The two channel VSiCaster features two h.264 encoders for full motion video webcasting.

We can also make a Webcaster with up to 17 VSiCasters on one box - that way you can have your own instant Internet Television Broadcast Station in a box.

Note: The 2 Channel VSiCaster can be purchased for $3,775.00 when purchased with a Streaming Plan.

Availability: ships same day.