Unity Gain Drop Amplifier with 8 ports

Unity Gain Drop Amplifier with 8 ports
Item# PVCF18A

Unity Drop Amplifier with 1 passive modem and 8 powered 7dB gain ports for Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) Ethernet-Internet Coax Bridges. A "drop" amplifier is usually added at the "drop point" (point of entry) of the cable TV (CATV) signal.

In some installations the cable guy may have put a powered amplifier to distribute the CATV or DirecTV signal - those are OK for the low frequencies of the CATV and DirecTV signals but should be replaced with these amplifiers that also support the higher frequencies of the MoCA Internet Coax Bridges.

To be able to pass the the high frequencies of Multimedia over Coax (MoCA) Internet Coax Bridges make sure you replace all of the RF amplifiers that may be in your coax lines with these high bandwidth coax amplifiers.

  • Unity Gain compensates for splitter loss in Forward and Return paths.
  • 7 dB gain maintains optimal QAM.
  • Amplified return path
  • Integrated MoCA Triplex Filter
  • Approved by major service providers.
  • Coax cable jumper required for power module connection to Amp.
  • 15 VDC 500 mA power supply included