7-Pin HDTV Output Cable

7-PIN HDTV Output cable
7-PIN HDTV Output cable
Item# 6110017600

7-pin cable for ATI's X700 Series and X800 Series. This cable features a 7-pin connector on one end and three RCA jacks on the other end. The RCA jacks are molded Red, Green and Blue and are only for Component Video (not composite video and audio).

NOTE: This cable is only compatible with the X700 Series and X800 Series cards by ATI.

Please note that just because you have an S-Video out with 7-pins does not mean that your computer can output component video with this cable. Please read your Radeon manual for display output support. If you need to output S-Video or Component Video from your laptop's 7-pin receptacle, consider our Pro S-Video cables.

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