XTPRO-XTREEM, AV over CAT5 up to 1699 ft.

XTPRO-XTREEM, AV over CAT5 up to 1699 ft.
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Smart-AVI's XTPro Xtreem Breaks Through Conventional Distance Limitations of Video Signal Transmission over CAT5, boosting pro-A/V Component Signals to 1,799 Feet.

  • Integration with other Smart-AVI Products
  • Simple Plug-and-play Setup
  • Boost Professional Audio-Visual Component Signals to 1,799 Feet over cat5
  • Resolutions up to 1920x1200
  • Signal Amplification Technology Designed to Extend A/V Signaling Without Data Loss or Degradation
  • Automatic Digital Video Tuning for Optimal Image at all Resolutions
  • Automatic Gain Control for Clean, Strong Signals to Maximum Length
  • Remote Controlled Automatic Skew Ajustment for perfect A/V Signal Timing and Delivery
  • 300 MHz Bandwidth
  • Transmits High-Resolution UXGA and Stereo Audio
  • Compatible with Line Loop Stereo Audio Signals
  • High Ground Loop Immunity
  • Built-In Lighting, Power Surge and Transient Protection
  • Designated Trimmer in the Unit to Compensate for Cable Length
  • Compatible with All Operating Systems - PC/Mac
  • Supports IR and RS-232 Control
  • Compact Metal Casing
  • Automatic Skew Correction Tool Included FREE