Dreambox SCART with Component and Svideo Free Shipping

Scart adapter with Component Video and S-Video Out
Scart adapter with Component Video and S-Video Out

Exclusive Dreambox SCART Adapter for Component Video and S-Video.

A short video of this SCART adapter will load in a few seconds. Please scroll down to find out more.

The adapter features a SCART connector on one side and the red, green, blue RCA jacks plus the S-Video jack. Please scroll down to read the instructions below.

Slim design allows room to connect the digital audio fiber optic cable or the analog audio cable on the sides of the scart socket.

Availability: Ships same day.

Instructions on how to use the SCART adatper:

1. Disconnect your Dreambox power supply and turn off the television.

2. Connect the Component Video Cables (red, blue, green) to the corresponding RCA connectors (also known as cinch connectors) sockets on the SCART adapter OR the S-Video Cable to the SCART adatper. NOTE: The DREAMBOX may "lock" if you connect both the Component and S-Video Cables at the same time. Once the Dreambox locks, it will not respond to the remote control. You will have to disconnect the power supply from the Dreambox and then connect it again, and try connecting one or the other video cables.

3. Turn on the television and the Dreambox.

4. Make sure your television is set to the correct video input format. If you have the component video cables connected, then make sure your TV is set to the component video input. If you have the S-Video cable connected, make sure your TV is set to the correct S-Video input.

5. Make sure your Dreambox is set to the correct "A/V Setting." On the Dreambox 500-S, you have to click on "MENU" on the Remote Control; use the left/right arrows to select "Setup"; Select "System Settings"; Select "A/V Settings"; Change the "Color Format" to either "YPbPr" for component video or "SVideo" for S-Video. Once you change the AV Settings, you have to make sure your television is on the same settings, or else the colors will be off. Once you select the video settings on the Dreambox, make sure you "save" the settings.