HDTV + Digital Audio over Cat5

Component Video and Digital Audio Transceiver
Component Video and Digital Audio Transceiver
Item# 500050
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The 500050 Component/Composite Video + Digital Audio Balun.

The 500050 allows you to use a single Category 5 cable to send HDTV + Digital Audio up to 500 ft. It is used in pairs and supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p video formats for hi-definition HDTV video applications. This product can also be used to transmit three composite video signals instead of one component video signal. Please scroll all the way down to see a product video.

The video shows the transceiver and three short, color-coded cables with male RCA connectors for the component/composite video signals. The unit also an RCA jack for digital audio - S/PDIF - and the RJ45 receptacle for the CAT5 cable. Velcro pads are included with each unit so that you can tape them behind your equipment. If you need to convert the Digital Audio on the RCA jack to a Toslink connector, then consider our Coaxial to Toslink Converter below.

This product can also be used interchangeably with product 500051; the video portion is also compatible with product 500052 and 500053.

Availability: ships same day. Update quantity to two since you need one at each end.