Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 4-Pin S-Video with Audio

Pro 4-Pin S-Video to 4-Pin S-Video with Audio
Item# PRO-424-6

Pro 4-pin S-Video with 3.5mm stereo audio to 4-pin S-Video and 2 RCA.
Part No. PRO-424-6
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Length 6 Ft. 12 Ft. 24 Ft. 36 Ft. 50 Ft.

If your computer has a 4-Pin S-Video Out connector, then consider this cable to connect to a TV that has a 4-Pin S-Video input and stereo audio.

Consider our Pro S-Video to 3 RCA cables if you want to connect to a regular TV that does not have S-Video.

This cable is made with our exclusive grey Fourmese cable that delivers broadcast quality video and audio signals. Our Fourmese cable has four miniature 75 ohm cables joined together; they can easily be separated to reach your input and output connections. Both of the S-Video Connectors have 4-pins. The cable also features a 3.5mm connector to plug into the headphone jack of your computer; the other side of the audio cable has two (2) color coded male RCA connectors for the stereo audio. All the connectors are gold plated. This cable was designed in the USA - do not settle for cheap chinese copies that only deliver a black and white signal; we only sell this cable on this website.

For a cable with the stereo audio on 2 male RCA plugs on both ends please consider our Pro 4-Pin S-Video with 2 RCA cables.

Play video clips, power-point presentations, photo-slide shows, etc., from your PC to your TV or record to VHS or DVD Recorders. This cable will allow you to play all kinds of video files from the computer to the TV, such as divx, mpeg, mov, avi, or other video files that are supported by your computer.

We manufacture these cables and only sell them on this site.

Availability: Ships same day. UPC 877273000156. This cable is 6 ft.