Exclusive Female DVI to Female VGA Adapter

DVI to VGA, Female to Female
DVI to VGA, Female to Female

This is an exclusive adapter that features a Female DVI connector on one end and a Female VGA connector on the other end. It is meant to be used with graphics cards that can output a VGA signal through the DVI-I connector. The DVI specifications also allowed for a VGA signal to be transmitted with a DVI-I connector.

If you would like the same adapter with a male VGA connector, then consider our DVI to VGA, Female to Male adapter.

Note: You can't take a DVI-Digital (DVI-D) signal and convert it to a VGA signal with this adapter or go from a VGA signal to a DVI-D signal with this adapter. In other words, you can't take an analog VGA signal and input it into the DVI-Digital input of an HDTV.

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