DVI-I Male to Female, Right Angle Adapter. This is the Version I-L

DVI-I Right Angle, Male-to-Female, Version I-L
DVI-I Right Angle, Male-to-Female, Version I-L
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Exclusive DVI-I Male-to-Female Right Angle Adapter, version I-L.

Use this adapter when you need a right-angle connection to your devices.

Note: This adapter is fully pinned, however it is only for "single-link" applications; some of the pins are not connected internally. If you need the dual link then please contact us.

It will not fit DVI-D receptacles. DVI-D receptacles do not have the four small pins around the larger horizontal pin. This version has the larger horizontal pin on the left when looking at the pins and the female connector is pointing down.

Note: This DVI-I Right Angle Adapter supports single link. If you need a dual link adapter please contact us for availability.

The dimensions are the same for all the DVI Right Angle adapters, but the pin positions are different, of course.

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