HDMI to S-Video with Stereo Audio Converter

HDMI to S-Video & Stereo Audio
HDMI to S-Video & Stereo Audio

HDMI to S-Video & Stereo Audio
HDMI-CSV HDMI to S-Video and Stereo Audio Converter.

This is a "must have" product that works with equipment that outputs HDMI and you want to connect it to a device that only accepts S-Video or Composite Video and Stereo Audio.

- Connect the HDMI output of a computer or laptop to a TV
- Connect the HDMI output of a DVD Player to a TV
- Connect the HDMI output to a DVD Recorder
- Connect the HDMI output of a camera to a TV.
- Connect the HDMI or DVI output of an ultrasound machine to S-Video. If the ultrasound machine has a DVI output then consider our DVI to HDMI cables or adatpers.
- Connect the Apple TV and Apple TV2 to a regular TV

This product converts the digital video and audio signals carried on HDMI to analog S-Video and analog Stereo Audio signals. You can select the analog video format, either PAL or NTSC.

Auto detects the following HDMI resolutions and Hz: 480p (60Hz); 576P (50Hz); 720p (50Hz/60Hz); 1080i (50Hz/60Hz); 1080p (50Hz/60Hz)

This device maintains the aspect ratio of the original signal.

Note when used with computers: some computers that have HDMI output may require you to set up an "external monitor" as opposed to an "HDMI monitor" in order to enable the HDMI output from the computer using this box. You can set up an "external monitor" in the display settings of the graphics card.

Note on Power Supply: The power supply that ships with this unit has the two-prong US style power connector, however, the input is AC 100-240V 50/60Hz and could be used world-wide with the corresponding adapter. The output is DC 5V, 1A.

FBI Warning: Copying copyrighted material is against the law.

The product ships with a 5v power supply and one 4ft. S-Video Cable (male-to-male) and 4 ft. Stereo Audio cable (Red and White with male RCA plugs).

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