HDMI Economical Cables

HDMI Economical Cables
HDMI Economical Cables. See our cheap HDMI cables. They are just cheap in price, but not in performance. The only difference between these cables and expensive cables that are "High Speed with Ethernet" is that these cables do not have the "ethernet channel" that no equipment supports. The "high speed with ethernet channel" cables were created with the idea of having one cable to support the HDMI signal and the "ethernet" connection to the router using one HDMI cable. However, manufacturers of equipment never added an ethernet channel to the HDMI output...they just kept the HDMI and ethernet separately. Please consider our HDMI cables below for your HDMI connections.

HDMI 3 ft Cable
HDMI 3 ft Cable HDMI-3FT-G
HDMI 6 ft Cable
HDMI 6 ft Cable HDMI-6FT-G
HDMI Cable, 10ft.
HDMI Cable, 10ft. HDMI-HDMI-10FT
HDMI Hi-PQ 30 ft Cable
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Sale price: $49.95
Regular price: $29.95
Sale price: $9.95
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