iPad Mini AV Kit

iPad Mini AV Connection Kit
iPad Mini AV Connection Kit
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View your Apps on a larger TV screen and/or record what you view to a DVD Recorder!

Our exclusive iPad Mini AV Kit has all you need to connect your iPad Mini directly to at TV or projector.

Note: on some televisions and DVRs the screen will flicker if you play videos and connect the audio cables; you may have to connect the audio from the iPhone/iPad/iTouch to separate speakers. The issue is not with the product itself, but appears to have been done intentionally by Apple, to prevent people from "recording" the video...there are however, ways to work around that issue...but that's another story.

  • AV Cables, 6ft. cables or select optional length
  • VGA Cable, 6 ft. cable or select optional length
  • VGA adapter and converter
  • USB cable to connect to USB Power supply

  • Note: a USB power supply is required. If you need a USB power supply then consider our optional USB power supply. USB power supply.

    A great application of this converter is to allow you to connect your iPad Mini to a TV or DVD Recorder. You can view all your Apps on a larger screen and/or record to a DVD Recorder.

    Availability: ships same day

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