Composite Video or S-Video to Component Video Converter

Composite and S-Video to Component Converter
Composite and S-Video to Component Converter
Item# 74-111-603

Our Composite or S-Video to Component Video Converter takes a 480i composite or S-Video signal and converts it to 480i Component Video signal. It is known as model 74-111-603. The board is encapsulated in epoxy that creates a solid, water-proof brick. It an be ordered at

Exclusive Composite Video and S-Video to Component Video (YPbPr) Converter. This converter allows you to up-convert Composite Video and S-Video to Component Video (YPbPr).

Part number 74-111-603, also known as "CSV2YPBPR" Composite or S-Video to Component Video Converter.

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This converter accepts a 480i Composite or S-Video signal and converts it to 480i or Component Video signal.

Component Video carries the video signal on three separate channels, one for the brightness and sync information (ususally color-coded green) and the other two carry the color information (usually color coded blue and red). Televisions that have component video usually have three female RCA receptacles coded green, blue and red - do not confuse them with the yellow (for composite video), and the red and white for stereo audio. If you need to connect an S-Video+audio signal to the yellow, red and white RCA receptacles, then consider our S-Video to 3 RCA cables.

This converter allows for an interlaced video signal to be converted to Component Video. This Professional converter does such a good job that the resulting component video signal is usually better than the component video output of consumer products, such as DVD players.

This product converts the NTSC 480i or PAL 576i Composite Video or S-Video into Component Video (YPbPr). The product automatically detects if the incoming signal is NTSC or PAL and outputs the corresponding Component Video. There's no switches or settings to configure, you just connect the the unit to the a composite video source or an s-video source (or both at the same time) and to the component video display. You can input both composite video and s-video at the same time and the unit will detect the first active video signal, thus acting as an auto-switch between two sources, such as a DVD player and an X-Box.

The video source can be any device that outputs composite video or S-Video, such as VCRs; cameras; camcorders; DVD players; X-Box, PlayStation, etc. If your source is a 7-pin S-Video Connector, then add our 7-pin to 4-Pin cable.

This product does not change the aspect ratio. If the aspect ratio is 4:3 it will output in 4:3. If it is 16:9 it will output in 16:9.

This is an exclusive converter and we do not sell this to distributors, retailers, etailers, or at amazingscam or scambay.

Note: this is a custom, built-to-order product and if you order more than one the order is non-cancellable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and non-returnable.