3.5mm Stereo Audio Extension Cables

Please see below our extensive selection of 3.5mm stereo audio extension cables. The 3.5mm connectors on these "stereo audio" cables have 2 rings, resulting in three contact positions, one for the two tied grounds and one for each of the right and left audio signals. The primary use of these cables is for transmitting a stereo audio signal, however, they may be suitable for transmitting other signals, such as a shutter remote, video or RS232; it is up to you to determine if your equipment has compatible contacts.

These extension cables are not compatible with headphones that use a 3.5mm 3-ring connector for transmitting stereo audio, a microphone or other signals. Contact us for our 3.5mm 3-ring cables.

Extension cables have a 3.5mm 2-ring male connector on one end and a 3.5mm 2-ring female connector on the other end.

These cables are available with nickel or gold plating and with different internal construction and outside diameter. Note that gold plating does not contribute to the signal strength.