3.5mm Male to Terminal Block Solderless Connector

Solderless 3.5mm TRS Connector
Solderless 3.5mm TRS Connector
Item# 35MM-LRG
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3.5mm Male to Terminal Block Connector.

This connector features a 3.5mm male connector on one end and a terminal block connector on the other end. The terminal blocks are marked L, R, G, for "Left, Right, Ground." The L corresponds to the tip of the connector, the R corresponds to the middle "ring" and the G corresponds to the metal "sleeve" closer to the cables.

This is a very popular connector that is used to repair a 3.5mm connector or to make your own cable with a 3.5mm male connector without having to solder a connector.

The connector does not have a separate "hood" to cover the wires but you can use the heat-shrink tubing or electrical tape to cover the wires and attach to the cable.

  • 1. Insert the shrink tubing that we send with this connector. This step is optional if you want to use the shrink tubing to cover the wires and attach to the cable. If you do not want to use the shrink tubing you can use electrical tape.
  • 2. Determine which of the wires corresponds to the left, right and ground channels.
  • 3. Strip the wires enough so that you can insert each wire to the corresponding terminal block; the bare wire should be about 1/4 inch. Make sure that the bare wire is not sticking out from the terminal block receptacle.
  • 4. Use a small screw driver to screw-in the screw to tighten the wire to the terminal block. Repeat for each of the three wires.
  • 5. Confirm that you have a good connection with a meter.
  • 6. Position the heat-shrink tubing over the wires and use a heat-gun to shrink the tubing. Do not use a match or other source of fire as the heat source to shrink the tube!

  • Note: we also have another type of 3.5mm male connector that can be used as a 3.5mm Solderless Repair Kit.

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