25ft VGA and 3.5mm AV Cable with Rounded Low Profile Connectors Male to Male - Plenum CMP-Rated

Item# SV-40176a

    Product Code: SV-40176a
  • Audio/video installations in educational and commercial settings often require plenum-rated cabling
  • Our plenum-rated line wasengineered to overcome common challenges faced by installers
  • This computer audio/video combination cable is an economic alternative, and saves valuable installation time versus installing and purchasing individual cables
  • The HD15 connectors are low profile (1
  • 25in total depth) which saves valuable space in the gang box, while the rounded shape (fits 1
  • 25in diameter mounts) accommodates smaller mounts so that the cable can be easily hidden from view
  • The 3,5mm connectors are also low profile (1
  • 5in total depth) and feature specific breakout lengths to fit your application
  • The cable is conveniently labeled to identify the 6in breakout for mounting in electrical boxes and the 20in breakout for the display or projector end
  • This combination cable is constructed from three 30 AWG coaxial plus one 26 AWG twisted pair to ensure RGBHV signal integrity in your installation
  • The coax cables feature a tinned copper braid that provides 92% minimum shielding
  • The audio uses 26 AWG fully-shielded conductors to prevent interference from the RGBHV signal
  • Overall the cable is well constructed to protect and prevent any EMI/RFI interference, and to ensure that the highest quality signal is transmitted for optimal audio/video performance
  • Please Note: Pin 9 is not loaded
  • Pin 9 is not required for standard computer video applications