10ft RapidRun Multimedia Runner EXTENSION Cable, In-Wall CL2-Rated

10ft RapidRun Multimedia Runner EXTENSION Cable, In-Wall CL2-Rated
Item# SV-42045a
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    Product Code: SV-42045a
  • RapidRun is designed to be the standard for in-wall audio/video installations
  • The RapidRun system empowers you to customize your installation to create your own ideal audio/video solution
  • Break-away flying leads and wall plates ensure flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment
  • Use this CL2-rated multimedia extension for adding that extra length you need in the field without replacing the original runner
  • Whether mounting a flat panel display in your bedroom or hanging a projector in a classroom, a clean, crisp signal will be delivered every time
  • Terminate with flying leads (with lengths up to 10 feet), or with wall plates (available in three colors) to meet the specific requirements of your installation
  • Please Note: Each complete RapidRun Multimedia Runner solution requires a break-away flying lead or wall plate to terminate each end of the runner cable
  • For each runner you will need (2) break-away flying leads, (2) wall plates, OR (1) break-away flying lead and (1) wall plate
  • * Download a version of the technical specifications of this product on the Support tab