Component-Composite ProAV Balun

Component-Composite Pro AV Balun
Component-Composite Pro AV Balun
Item# 500056-PRO

The Component-Composite Video ProAV Balun #500056-Pro allows one component video, YPbPr or RGB, signal plus one composite video signal to be transmitted via one Cat5e/6 twisted pair cable for more cost-efficient cabling.

The 500056-Pro features Ethercon RJ45, ruggedized cast aluminum enclosure and built-in 12-inch heavy duty AV cable with RCA plugs for the demanding professional environment. Other Muxlab baluns that have an Ethercon RJ45 connector are the 500052-PRO-RCA and the 500052-PRO-BNC

The 500056-Pro may be used in pairs or in conjunction with other MuxLab component video baluns.

Below is a picture of the rear of the balun showing the yellow RCA jack for composite video.

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