DVI-I Male to VGA Male, 35 ft

DVI-I Male to VGA Male,  35 ft
Item# 55-624-HDTV-35
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Sale price: $58.95

Molded male DVI-I to male VGA Cable, 35 ft.
This cable features a Male DVI-I connector on one end and a Male VGA connector on the other end.

DVI can carry the analog VGA signal on a DVI-I connector and this cable allows you to connect your equipment that has a VGA and DVI-I connectors.

NOTE: This cable will not convert a digital DVI (DVI-D) signal on a DVI-D connector to an analog VGA signal. Also, the DVI-I connector on this cable will not fit on female DVI-D receptacles. DVI-D receptacles do not have the four little holes around the long horizontal hole; also, the long horizontal pin on a DVI-I connector will not fit the shorter horizontal pin on a DVI-D receptacle, so removing the four pins on the DVI-I connector will still not allow you to insert the male DVI-I connector on female DVI-D connector.

This cable is also available in 3 ft, 6 ft, 12 ft, 25 ft. and 50 ft. lengths. Change the X on 55-624-HDTV-X to the length you want and use the search box to find the other lengths.