HDMI Receiver Flying Lead
HDMI Receiver Flying Lead
Item# SV-60131a
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The HDMI Optical Series is designed to be the standard for in-wall HDMI audio/video installations. Using pre-terminated break-away flying leads and wall plates with an in-wall runner ensures flexible, efficient, high quality connections for all types of equipment, with no field terminations. Ideal for high resolution displays utilizing HDMI, this flying lead allows for an extremely clean finish with little to no cable clutter at the display.

Each complete HDMI Optical solution requires a break-away flying lead or wall plate to terminate each end of the runner cable. Each runner requires (2) break-away flying leads OR (1) wall plate and (1) break-away flying lead. The included USB power cable must be used to power the cable run on the receiver end. Connect the USB cable to an open USB port on the display, or with a USB to AC adapter to provide power.