7 Pin Connector

7 Pin Connector
7 Pin Connector / Converter for connects the S-Video out of laptops and certain graphics cards to the video jack (RCA a/v phono-type) of televisions.

Unique adapter manufactured exclusively by us features the following:

- 7 Pin mini DIN connector on one end.

- 4 Pin mini DIN connector on the other end (for S-Video / SVHS connections) and,

- RCA a/v phono plug for composite video.

- This adapter is 12 ft. long.

- "S-Video to RCA" adapter (as shown in picture on top left corner)

This adapter can also be used with any laptop that has the ATI Rage Mobility graphics card that outputs S-Video Through a 7-pin mini Din (when connected with the "S-Video to RCA" adapter.

In addition, this adapter can be used with the Creative DXR3 and RealMagic /Hollywood Plus cards that output S-Video and composite video.

Note, this is a custom cable and is no longer available - however, see our other 7-Pin Adapters or our other 4-pin adapters below that are compatible with 7-pin receptacles.