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7-pin S-Video
7-pin S-Video
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Our "7-pin to S-Video and RCA" cables allows you to connect your laptop's 7-pin "S-Video jack" to the S-Video or to the yellow RCA jack of a television. We only sell our cables on this website.

On the links below we offer you 7-pin to 4-pin S-Video and 7-Pin to 3 RCA that offer you both video and audio and longer distances, click on the middle square of the images below.
Pro 7-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA Pro 7-Pin S-Video to 3 RCA https://www.svideo.com/7svto3rca.html
Pro 7-Pin to 4-Pin S-Video with Audio https://www.svideo.com/pro724.html https://www.svideo.com/pro724.html

For details regarding the 5 inch adapter please scroll down. This adapter is compatible with both NTSC and PAL video formats.

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Details regarding the 7-pin to S-Video+RCA. This adapter has a male 7-pin connector on one end and a female 4-pin receptacle for svideo and yellow RCA jack for composite video.

Click on the picture for a larger image. The 7-pin connector has the 7-pins...it looks like the female connector but it really is the male connector with the 7-pins and the rectangular key.

Please note: If you're going from a 7-pin connector on your computer to a regular, yellow RCA video jack, then consider any of our Pro S-Video to 3 RCA adapters that are compatible with both 7-pin and 4-pin connectors. Those adapters will provide you with a "straight-shot" solution and some also provide you with both the audio and video. This picture shows: 7-pin plug (that plugs into the 7-pin jack of your computer) and a 4-pin S-Video Jack and Composite (RCA-type) jack. Both of these connectors are joined by a cable that is about 5 inches long. For the audio output, consider our optional PC Audio Adapters. If you want to connect this adapter to an S-Video TV, then purchase our optional S-Video Cables.

NOTE: Before you order, see if your laptop has a 7-pin jack to connect the 7-pin connector.

If your laptop has a 4-pin svideo, then consider as an alternative consider our Pro S-Video to 3 RCA that also provides you audio and video.