7-pin to RCA, male-to-female

7-pin to RCA, male-to-female
7-pin to RCA, male-to-female
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Our "7-pin to RCA" is a special 7-pin adapter that was designed for the Dell Inspiron Computers to output the composite video only.

If you would like to output video and audio, then consider getting this adapter and our Pro AV with 3.5mm cable.

The proprietary pin-out makes this adapter only compatible with DELL Inspiron computers.

However, if you have a computer that has a 7-pin jack, then consider our "7-Pin to S-Video & Composite Video" adapter that is compatible with practically all computers that have the 7-pin configuration shown on this picture.

Note: This cable only measures 5 inches and you'll need one of our Video Cables to go the distance.

Only order the "7-pin to RCA Jack" if you have a DELL Inspiron computer and you only want to output the composite video.

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