7-pin for S-Video TV/Out Convertor

7-pin for S-Video TV/Out Convertor
7-pin for S-Video TV/Out Convertor
Item# 741-SV-TV

7-pin S-Video plug to 4-pin S-Video jack adapter - another exclusive of svideo.com

Note, the 7-pin connector in this picture has the "pins" (aka plugs) and the 4-pin connector has the "holes" (aka receptacles).

Use this adapter to convert an s-video signal on a 7-pin connector to a 4-pin s-video connector.

Some laptops have an "S-Video / TV out" port that has a 7-pin jack instead of a standard 4-pin S-Video jack. Check your laptop before ordering this adapter.

Please note: our exclusive 4-pin S-Video to RCA adapter will fit the 7-pin jack on your laptop and allow you to connect to a regular TV.

The connectors pictured above are of our special adapter that features a 7-pin plug on one end and a 4-pin S-Video receptacle (jack) on the other end. The 7-pin plug connects to the corresponding 7-pin jack on your laptop - the 4-pin jack is to connect to a standard 4-pin S-Video cable or to our S-Video to Composite Video adapter.

- Connect the S-Video output on laptops with a 7-pin jack to an S-Video TV with our optional S-video cables.
- Connect to a non-svideo TV with our optional S-Video to RCA adapter.
- Connect to a TV that only has a coaxial antenna input with our optional S-Video to Coax package.

Remember that s-video only carries the video signal, if you also want to send the audio to your TV, then consider our "S-video to 3 RCA" or our Pro S-Video to 3 RCA adapters or our 7-Pin to 4-Pin Plus Audio Cables.

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