VGA to S-Video and Composite Convertor

VGA to S-Video and Composite Convertor
Item# AVT-3155A

VGA to S-Video and Composite Convertor
PC to Video Down Converter.

The AVT-3155A converts computer signals to standard analog video. It's settings are controlled via top panel push-buttons.

The AVT-3155As small size makes it ideal for use with laptops or desktop computers and it handles resolutions up to 1600x1200 at 60Hz vertical refresh rate.

Video outputs are simultaneously provided in Composite and S-Video formats, selectable as either NTSC or PAL. Now, you can convert anything on your computer screen for viewing on a TV set or recording on a DVR or VCR.

If you want to convert HMDI to Composite and S-Video, then add our HDMI to VGA plus stereo audio converter which you would attach to your HDMI source to convert to VGA first, then attach the signal to this down converter.