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tvONE® is the leading manufacturer of high-quality video, audio and multimedia processing equipment, based in the US and UK. Their products encompass a wide variety of products including video wall processors, video scalers, video switchers, signal extension systems, signal conversion, multi-window processors, matrix routers, edge blenders, distribution amplifiers, rack mounting systems, LCD monitors, control solutions and audio products.

Markets include education, corporate, healthcare, government, broadcast, command and control, security, rental and staging, house of worship and entertainment.

tvONE products are compliant with EMC, LVD, REACH, RoHS, and FCC requirements. Click here for legal compliance documentation for all tvONE products..

The CORIOmaster and CORIOview are designed for video processing and display management. Here's some general information about them:
  • CORIOmaster: This is a powerful, efficient hardware-based video wall processor; a video wall displays video over several screens. It enables high-quality video wall displays, and supports a wide range of input and output formats. It's also highly customizable and flexible, allowing you to manage and control video walls to meet specific needs. With the CORIOmaster, you can rotate, upscale, downscale, and otherwise transform the visual content you're displaying. It's designed to handle intensive processing tasks with ease.
  • CORIOview: This is a multi-window processor, allowing you to display multiple video sources on a single screen, each source as an individual window. With CORIOview, you can manage and control multiple video feeds simultaneously, making it ideal for control rooms, meeting spaces, or anywhere else you need to monitor multiple video sources at once or to seamlessly switch between different types of video sources.

  • The main difference between the two is their intended use. CORIOmaster is aimed more at creating large, complex video walls with a high degree of customization and flexibility. CORIOview, on the other hand, is geared towards displaying multiple video sources on a single screen, providing you with the ability to monitor several feeds at once.

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