CORIOmaster® Video Wall Processors

CORIOmaster® Video Wall Processors
The CORIOmaster® Series is the broadcast industry's most versatile, cost effective and easy to use multi-window video processor that also supports 4K.

The CORIOmaster® Series provide a modular 4K Multi-Window video processor and switching solution. Each CORIOmaster has one central processing module and you can add different input and output modules to create custom applications.

The CORIOmaster Micro chassis has three slots available for Audio-Video Modules. It is an ultra-compact (half-width 1RU chassis) processor with Integrated front button panel for up to 8 inputs or up to 8 outputs in 1080p environments with optional 4K connectivity.

The CORIOmaster Mini chassis has five slots available for Audio-Video Modules plus 2 dedicated Universal DVI input modules. It is a compact form (1RU chassis) processor for medium 1080p solutions with up to 18 inputs, and the ability to add two 4K video windows, and up to 20 outputs.

The CORIOmaster Universal has 16 Slots available for Audio-Video Modules plus 3 Slots for Data Modules. It is a powerful stand-alone 4RU video wall processor for expansive 1080p installations with up to 56 inputs, which can also display up to five 4K video windows, and up to 56 outputs in 4RU chassis.

The CORIOmaster2 is optimized for 4K60 environments and is 8K ready. Display up to 40 4K video windows with no visible latency and up to 56 outputs in a 4RU chassis.