CORIOgrapher® Video Wall and Multi-Window Software

CORIOgrapher® Video Wall and Multi-Window Software
Item# CORIOgrapher

The picture above is an example of a Video Wall created with CORIOmaster. It consists of a horizontal video wall using four screens and the 2nd to the right screen has a smaller screen showing a live stream of the reporter at the scene.

CORIOgrapher Software is a Windows software that allows you to control the CORIOmaster family of Video Wall Processors (CORIOmaster2, CORIOmaster, CORIOmaster mini, CORIOmaster micro) and the CORIOview family of Multi-Window Processors (MWP).

Note: CORIOgrapher Software is loaded on a USB stick that ships with your CORIOmaster and CORIOview product.

If you would like to purchase an additional license of the Advanced Control Software for previously installed CORIOmaster series video wall processors contact us at This software only works with the CORIOmaster family and CORIOview products by tvONE.

See the videos below to learn about some of the capabilities of the software; all videos are muted by default, but you can unmute the audio by clicking on the speaker icon on the bottom left-side of the video after you start the video.

Video Tutorials of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): For best experience, enter full-screen mode when viewing the videos below by clicking the "Full screen" icon on the bottom right-hand side of the video control menus when you hover over a video after you start playing the video.

How to set up a simple 2X2 video wall using CORIOgrapher software for the CORIOmaster family of wall processors. The video below walks you through on how to create a 2X2 video wall using four screens. After clicking the Play arrow, move your mouse outside of the video window to hide the video controls. Select Full screen mode for an immersive experience.

How to set up a Pixel Accurate video wall at Ultra High Definition (UHD) 4K resolution:

How to create Streaming Media and 4K Playback module.

How to create Playlists and Queues

How to create Edge Blending. Learn how to set up effortless projector edge blends using CORIOmaster. Using COROgrapher set up software it's easy to create horizontal and vertical blends with two, three or more projectors. Edge blending allows you to create a wide screen by "edge blending" the video from projectors, not monitors.

How to create a Preset setting on your video wall. A preset is a configuration that you create to add effects to your video wall. The video below shows an example of how to create three simple presets.

How to create a Border around a video source on the video wall: In the Properties tab of the Wall Editor mode, create a Preset and give your preset a name, in the example below it was named “Both” and the Preset Duration was set to one (1) second. The preset duration means that the new border color that you “preset” will last only one second (after the a transition effect starts) and then the border will disappear. Borders can be set to last for up to 60 seconds on the Preset dialog box. After clicking “Add Preset” it will add the new border preset (named Both, to the Saved Presets and will be displayed in the Presets dialog box.

How to create Transition Effects: Create Fade to black, Horizontal Shrink, Vertical Shrink, or Spin transition effects:

How to Save System Settings on your CORIOmaster: To save your settings to your CORIOmaster, select the "Save on Device" button on the bottom right-hand side of the CORIOgrapher software.

How to Save System Settings to File: To save your settings, select the "Save to File" button on the bottom right-hand side of the CORIOgrapher software.